Author Title Volume (Date)
Beveridge, G Restoration at Pollock  5.1 (1982)
Blackburn, M & Clark, S Cross Arthurlie Mill, Barrhead  5.1 (1982)
Bowman, I  The Grangemouth Dockyard Company  1.2 (1977)
Burness, C  Ardrossan as a Fishing Port  14-15 (1992)
Cameron, A The Archives of the Governor and Company of the Bank of Scotland
 11-13 (1990)
Campbell, R H Overhead Costs and Profitability: A Note on some uses of Business Records
 1.3 (1977)
Campbell, R H The Committee of Ex-Secretaries of State for Scotland and Industrial Policy, 1941-1945  2.2&3(1979)
Carroll, D The Scotland Glass Industry  23 (2003)
Carroll, J The City of Glasgow Bank of Glasgow Bank Failure of 1878 and the New Zealand & Australian Land Company
 23 (2003)
Chick, M Time, Water and Capital: The Unintended Contribution of the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board to the Application of Welfare Economics in Britain, 1943-1967 25 (2009)
Clark, S A Survey of Early Paisley Engineers  6.2 (1984)
Clough, M The Leith Glass Works: 1689-c.1708  5.1 (1982)
Cotterill, M The Scottish Mining Museum  7.1 (1984)
Cunningham, A The Aubin Journal, Trade of Turkey Red
 2.2&3 (1979)
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