Author Title Volume (Date)
Seargeant, Jacqui Dewar’s: The Whisky of his Forefathers  20 (2000)
Shaw, J An Introduction to the Technology of Meal Milling in Scotland  5.1 (1982)
Skillen, B S Aspects of Mining Technology in the Glasgow Region, 1700-1850  10.1&2 (1987)
Slaven, A The Centre for Business History in Scotland  11-13 (1990)
Smith, Norman The Offshore Supplies Office: An Unusual Exercise in UK Industrial Intervention, with a Scottish Headquarters 25 (2009)
Sommerville, J The Avon Steel Works  6.2 (1984)
Steward, Robert “To Keep the Highlander at Horne” – The Story of A I Welders  14-15 (1992)
Storey, R The Modem Records Centre, University of Warwick Library and Scottish Labour History Sources  1.2 (1977)
Tennant, C G D The Gairdner Correspondence. Extracts from Letters to Charles Gairdner, General Manager, Union Bank of Scotland Ltd, 1865-95  2.2&3 (1979)
Thomson, G The Iron Industry of the Monklands: an Introduction  5.2 (1982)
Thomson, G The Individual Ironworks I  6.1 (1983)
Thomson, G The Individual Ironworks II  6.2 (1984)
Thomson, G The Individual Ironworks III  7.1 (1984)
Tough, A G Records Relevant to Scottish Industrial and Labour History in the Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick Library  11-13 (1990)
Turton, Alison Babcock & Wilcox Ltd: An Engineering Company’s Archive


 14-15 (1992)
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