Author Title  Volume (Date|)
Johnston, C C Britain’s First Motor Coach Disaster  3.1 (1980)
Jones, Ann ‘Insure, insure, there’s nothing like insurance!’. An account of the Second Joan Auld Memorial Training Day 1997  19 (1999)
Jones, Christine  Distilling the past  20 (2000)
Kelly, Henry E The Life of Robert Cochran of Britannia and Verreville Potteries  16 (1993)
Kelly, Henry E The Glasgow Pottery of John and Matthew Perston Bell  16 (1993)
Kelly, Henry E The Beginning of the Pottery Industry in Greenock  17 (1994)
Kim, Dong-Woon The Oldham Limited Company in Scotland – The Glasgow Cotton Spinning Co Ltd  17 (1994)
Kininmonth, Kirsten Was J & P  Coats Ltd Retarded by ‘Gentrification’? Evidence from the Committee Minutes 1890-1960  24 (2008)
King, Johanna ‘All Change!’ Report of the Business Archives Council Surveying Officer 1995-1999
 19 (1999)
Lambie, B Biggar Museum Trust: A Country Museum Archive  11-13 (1990)
Lee, C C Silk Weaving in Lochwinnoch
 8.2 (1985)
Lind, W Archiebald McMillan & Son Ltd, Shipbuilders, Dumbarton, 1834-1932  1.1 (1976)
Livingstone, M Surveys Surveyed   7.1 (1984)
Logan, Katey Burmah Oil Plc
 14-15 (1992)
Lyon, P Stoneywood Mill: A Glimpse of Industrial Paternalism  11-13 (1990)
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