Author Title Volume (Date)
Denholm, P C Captain Troop and Mister Sharp: A Contrast in Eighteenth Century Entrepreneurial Trading Styles
 11-13 (1990)
Ding, Ying Yong Alex Cowan and Sons, Papermakers, Penicuik, 1779-1975: A Historical Sketch with Implications for Chandler’s Theories 25 (2009)
Doherty, G C The Growth and Decline of the Bleaching, Printing and Dyeing Industry in the Vale of Leven  8.2 (1985)
Donald, W Drydock Disaster: Hanna Donald and Wilson and the Floating Drydocks in Java, 1873-1879
 18 (1996)
Donald, W The Admiralty and Hanna Donald & Wilson of Paisley, Scotland
 22 (2001)
Donnelly, T Markets and entrepreneurship in Granite Quarrying in North East Scotland, 1750-1830
 6.1 (1983)
Dow, D A ‘Lost to his country as well as to his friends’. Voluntary Hospitals and Working Men
 8.1 (1985)
Downie, S From Milton to Madras: A Life of Patrick Mitchell, 1784-1848, calico printer
 11-13 (1990)
Drummond, D The Johnstone Mouse Trap Factory  18 (1996)
Durie, Alistair J “Gentlemen Pretty Much Strangers to the Baltic Trade”: The Edinburgh Roperie and Sailcloth Company, 1750-1802
 14-15 (1992)
Earnshaw, Neil  Industrial Closure in the West of Scotland 1950-1959: Cue for Local Action?  22 (2001)
Earnshaw, Neil The Transference of British European Airways Renfrew Maintenance Workshops – Catalyst for Engineering Closure  16 (1993)
Earnshaw, Neil The Relocation of South Ayrshire Mining Communities after 1946: A Consequence Of Coal Nationalisation?
 17 (1994)
Earnshaw, Neil The Establishment of Scottish Industrial Estates: Panacea for Unemployment
 19 (1999)
Earnshaw, Neil Social Effects of Industrial Closure in the West of Scotland 1950-1975: Health
 23 (2003)
Eve, David C Power Stations in Glasgow 1879-1939  17 (1994)
Eve, David C National Monuments Record of Scotland  17 (1994)
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