C S McBain A Pioneer of the Spirit:  Charles Cree Doig 20 (2000)


Author Title Volume (Date)
A Cameron The Archives of the Governor and Company of the Bank of Scotland 11-13 (1990)
 J Carrol The City of Glasgow Bank of Glasgow Bank Failure of 1878 and the
New Zealand & Australian Land Company
23 (2003)
C G D Tennant The Gairdner Correspondence, Extracts from Letters to Charles Gairdner,
General Manager, Union Bank of Scotland Ltd, 1865-95
2.2&3 (1979)


C McMaster A short history of Robert Meiklejohn & Sons, the Bass
Crest Brewery, Alloa
7.2 (1984)

Business Archives

Christine Jones Distilling the Past 20 (2000)
B Lambie Biggar Museum Trust: A Country Museum Archive 11-13 (1990)
M Livingstone Surveys Surveyed 7.1 (1984)
Katy Logan Burmah Oil Plc 14-15 (1992)
J McBain The Scottish Film Archive 8.2 (1985)
J McBain The Scottish Film Archive: 15 Years of Industrial Endeavour 14-15 (1992)
S McKinstry Accounting Knowledge for Archivists and Archival Knowledge for Accounting Researchers: Some Practical Guidance 25 (2009)
C McMaster The Scottish Brewery Archive 10.1&2 (1987)
M S Moss Business Records in Scotland, 1970-1990 11-13 (1990)
P L Payne The Genesis and Infancy of the Business Archives of Scotland 7.1 (1984)
David Powell Surveying the Survey: The Role and Activities of the BACS surveying Officer in 2007 24 (2008)
David Powell Surveying Officer’s Report 25 (2009)
F Rankin Business Broadly Conceived: Report of the BACS Surveying Officer 1994-1995 18 (1996)
Elspeth Reid Falkirk Museums History Research Centre 18 (1996)
A Ritchie The Companies Index of the National Register of Archives 10.1&2 (1987)
 Jacqui Seargeant Dewar’s: the Whisky of his Forefathers 20 (2000)
A G Tough Records Relevant to Scottish Industrial and Labour History in the Modern Records
Centre, University of  Warwick Library
11-13 (1990)
Alison Turton Babcock & Wilcox Ltd: An Engineering Company’s Archive 14-15 (1992)
Kevin P Wilbraham Canals, Insurance and the Scottish Council: Report of the BACS Surveying Officer 1992-1993 16 (1993)
Kevin P Wilbraham Harbours, Whisky and Advertising: Report of the BACS Surveying Officer 1993-1994 17 (1994)
Vicki Wilkinson The Royal Bank of Scotland 16 (1993)

Business History

R H Campbell Overhead Costs and Profitability:  A Note on some Uses of
Business Records
1.3 (1977)
R G Garnett Business History: Its Purpose and Method as a teaching Discipline 1.2 (1977)
Edwin Green The Joan Auld Memorial Lecture: History & Archives in the Business Environment 22 (2001)
A Slaven The Centre for Business History in Scotland 11-13 (1990)


N J Morgan Some Brief Notes on the History of James Young Ltd,
and James Young and Sons Ltd., Railway and public Works Contractors
6.1 (1983)
I Russell & G Dixon Some Notes on ‘Concrete Bob’ McAlpine 9.1&2 (1986)
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